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Corvettes and Other Long Lasting Name Plates

Corvettes and Other Long Lasting Name Plates

Ford Mustang
Can you name the newest cars to hit the automotive market? Odds are the newest car names are not names, but numbers and letters. For example, in 2014, Cadillac is releasing a new model called the ELR and Fiat is releasing a new car called the 500L. While car manufacturers are constantly creating new nameplates and designs, there are a few car names that have remained on car lots and in our hearts for decades.

These are the longest lasting nameplates on American roads today:

1966 Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette1966 Corvette: In 1966, America was in the midst of a cultural revolution. Gone were the days of traditional social conservitism, in favor of a more flexible standard of what was socially acceptable. The civil rights movement was coming to a head, and the shock waves of President Kennedy’s 1963 assassination were still rippling through the country. The 1966 Corvette was the perfect car to drive down the California coast, dreaming of better days ahead.