Hello, Corvette Lovers!

Hello, Corvette Lovers!

Chevy CorvetteAllow us to introduce ourselves: we are a group of classic car enthusiasts who love everything about classic, muscle, and antique cars. So what better pastime could we have than thinking, talking, and writing about Corvettes? We hope you enjoy reading all about them, because we’re sure we will love writing!

As Corvette lovers our goal is to provide you with facts about Corvettes you may have heard, but also many you may not know. We’ll highlight some of our favorites, but if you ever want to know more about a particular model, let us know! We’d always like to provide you with some information you’ve been looking for.

Chevy CorvetteLet’s start at the beginning of the Corvette: the very first Corvette was completed in June, 1953 in Flint, Michigan (later, production was moved to St. Louis, where the facility could produce 10,000 cars a year). The car was a sort of experiment, so only 300 were produced. They sold for $3,498 each, which in today’s dollars, amounts to a handsome number of  almost $29,000. My, how times have changed. The models came with two optional features: a heater and a signal seeking AM radio, though both features were built into each Corvette produced. Each one produced also featured an iconic red interior and white body, a far cry from today’s flashy yellows and reds. They also featured a black canvas top, which, of course, allowed its owners and their lucky passengers to enjoy a breeze through their hair on beautiful summer days during a drive with the top down. Oh, and that shiny bumper? It didn’t offer any protection, it was simply decorative.

Though the Corvette is now known for its status as a performance car, the V8 engine was not incorporated into the vehicle until 1955. Consequently, in the beginning, this was a car known for its reliability, not its performance or sportiness, with an original rating of 105 HP. It wasn’t until later that the engine and performance, along with color options were upgraded and the Corvette took on a more “impressive” reputation.

Look for the 1954 model details in our next post!

Do you own a Corvette? What do you love about it?

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