Corvettes and Other Long Lasting Name Plates

Corvettes and Other Long Lasting Name Plates

Ford Mustang
Can you name the newest cars to hit the automotive market? Odds are the newest car names are not names, but numbers and letters. For example, in 2014, Cadillac is releasing a new model called the ELR and Fiat is releasing a new car called the 500L. While car manufacturers are constantly creating new nameplates and designs, there are a few car names that have remained on car lots and in our hearts for decades.

These are the longest lasting nameplates on American roads today:

Ford Mustang: The pony car has been on American roads since 1964 ½. This brilliantly fun little muscle car has been helping drivers earn speeding tickets for nearly 50 years. Odds are the Mustang will keep drivers coming in droves for many more years to come.

Porsche 911: It may not be made in America, but this little speed racer has been buzzing down the highways and byways in the US since 1963. Regardless of the model year, from 1963 to 2013, the cars continue to look related. The rounded top and the bug-eye headlights never seem to change, which is exactly the way Porsche 911 drivers like it.

'61 Chevy CorvetteChevy Corvette: We can all thank car designer extraordinaire, Harley Earl, for bringing us the most impressive American sports car ever created: the Chevy Corvette. Since 1953, this gorgeous car has been through several generations and special editions. From the early 1953 convertibles to the split-window fastback, the muscle car edition to the high-octane ZR-1, each rendition of the Chevy Corvette just gets better and better. One can only imagine what will come in the next 50 years.

Toyota Land Cruiser: With two more years under its belt, the Land Cruiser has been pushing families uphill and towing campers with ease. These Toyota workhorses have evolved from a rough and tumble answer to the Jeep to the luxurious family vehicle today. Since 1951, this sport utility vehicle has been a best seller, but do not expect to see any remnants of the original look in the modern generations.

'74 JeepJeep: This off-road vehicle dates back to World War II, where Willys made it in 1941. The name “Jeep” comes from the initials G.P. which stood for General Purpose. The classic Jeep (in the Wrangler/CJ/Rubicon style) is the oldest nameplate still being produced today.



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