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Corvettes and Other Long Lasting Name Plates

Corvettes and Other Long Lasting Name Plates Can you name the newest cars to hit the automotive market? Odds are the newest car names are not names, but numbers and ...
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1966 Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette1966 Corvette: In 1966, America was in the midst of a cultural revolution. Gone were the days of traditional social conservitism, in favor of a more flexible standard of what was socially acceptable. The civil rights movement was coming to a head, and the shock waves of President Kennedy’s 1963 assassination were still rippling through the country. The 1966 Corvette was the perfect car to drive down the California coast, dreaming of better days ahead.

2012 Corvettes At Carlisle

corvetteCorvettes at Carlisle: When you mention the city of Carlisle, Pennsylvania to anyone who is a fan of sports a certain name is probably going to immediately arise. The great multi-sport athlete Jim Thorpe went to Carlisle Indian Industrial School and it was there that he burgeoned into an athletic force to be reckoned with under the tutelage of the legendary football coach Glenn Scobey “Pop” Warner.

Chevy CorvetteHowever, when it comes to automobile enthusiasts and Corvette fans in particular Carlisle is famous for something else. Each and every year the city of Carlisle plays host to the most extraordinary Corvette event held anywhere on the planet: Corvettes at Carlisle.

Classic Corvette Fans

classic corvettesClassic Corvettes: The Internet has changed the way that we live our lives in many different ways. The rapid exchange of information has revolutionized human consciousness in a very genuine sense, and as far as commerce goes a whole new avenue exists for buying and selling goods and services.

In the early days of the Internet there were people who thought that there were some types of things that could not be sold online for one reason or another. Classic Corvettes would fit this description.

1963 Corvette

1963 corvette1963 Corvette: The Chevrolet Corvette was first introduced for the 1953 model year, and of course it was the brainchild of the legendary automotive designer Harley Earl. This first-generation of the Corvette design lasted through the 1962 model year.

1963 signaled the beginning of the second-generation of Corvette production, and with it came the introduction of the name “Corvette Sting Ray.” A lot of people are not aware of the fact that the Sting Ray designation was not always a part of the Corvette name.

Vegas ‘Vettes, Baby


Vegas ‘Vettes, Baby

vegas vettes

Without question, the desert oasis of Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most unique cities in the entire world.

The ready availability of so much world-class gaming sets Las Vegas apart, and the fact that you have so many incredible hospitality options makes Las Vegas especially attractive to vacationers. Whatever your speed, whatever your style, there is a Las Vegas vacation that is right for you.

The Corvette Club Of America

The Corvette Club Of America

Chevrolet Corvette
If you are a big fan of classic Corvettes you are a member of a special unspoken fraternity. Once these cars get under your skin you are hooked for life, and it is a lot of fun to get together with others who share your passion for the Chevy Corvette.

Chevy CorvetteIt can be a good idea to organize your social life around your passion for Corvettes, if not exclusively at least in part. A lot of people do this and one good way to connect with like-minded individuals is to join a club that is devoted to all things Corvette.

A New Year, A New Corvette

New Corvette: As classic Corvette fans we routinely celebrate the historic run of the vehicle and look back in time.

The history of the Chevrolet Corvette is rich indeed and it is kept alive by all of the collectors out there who cherish these very special vehicles and keep them in such fantastic condition. There is nothing like a classic Corvette and owning one is a source of pride for true enthusiasts. And hey, owning two or three is even better!

84 Vette Motor Trend Car Of The Year

84 Vette Motor Trend Car Of The Year

84 vetteNameplates that stay in existence for a considerable period of time go through multiple different generations of design and the Corvette is no different.

The first generation of the Corvette lasted from 1953 through the 1962 model year and the Sting Ray designation had not yet been introduced. The second-generation was created under the guidance of General Motors design chief Bill Mitchell, who took over for Harley Earl after Earl retired in 1958, and the Sting Ray was born. This era lasted from 1963 through 1967, and the third-generation of the Corvette began in 1968 and came to a close after the 1982 model year.

A Must Visit: The National Corvette Museum

A Must Visit: The National Corvette Museum

Chevy Corvette
If you love cars in general and Corvettes in particular you’re probably someone who enjoys a good road trip. There is nothing more fun than getting into your classic Corvette and heading off to an interesting destination, and if you are looking for one you would do well to consider the National Corvette Museum which is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Chevy CorvetteWhen the Corvette first hit the scene it was built in Flint, Michigan and the Gateway to the West, St. Louis, Missouri. Subsequently production of the Corvette was moved to Bowling Green, and that is where the vehicles are made today.

Harley Earl: The Father Of The Corvette

Harley Earl: The Father Of The Corvette

chevrolet corvetteThere are certain American institutions that have become so much a part of the culture that it is almost impossible to imagine a time when they weren’t around. Was there really a time when people walked around and there was no baseball? How could there have possibly been a time before rock ‘n roll was invented? And how could life be worth living if there was no Super Bowl to look forward to?