Classic Buick Fans, Step Right In!

Classic Buick Fans, Step Right In!

Buick CenturyIf you’re an old-school fan of true American classic cars you are well aware of the impact that Buick has had on the automotive industry over the years. And speaking of old-school, the Buick brand has been around longer than any other American nameplate and it is one of the longest standing automobile manufacturers in the world.

The company dates all the way back to 1899 when it was founded by David Dunbar Buick, a Scotsman, and called the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company. A few years later it became the Buick Motor Company, but David Dunbar Buick couldn’t hold the reins and the company was acquired by James Whiting.

He decided to move operations to a city that would go on to be one of the bedrocks of the American automobile manufacturing industry for many decades to come: Flint, Michigan. William Durant joined the fold at Whiting’s urging and Buick was on its way without its original founder.

Buick SuperThe 1904 Buick Model B was the first Buick ever put up for sale and 37 of them were manufactured but none are to be found these days. By 1907 Buick was the second most prolific seller of automobiles in the United States, with only Ford selling more units. Their success grew rapidly; they produced 4641 vehicles in 1907, and by 1910 that number had swelled to 30,525.

Buick has been a major player on the American automotive scene ever since, and though you can’t find any 1904 Model Bs kicking around anymore you will see many a classic Buick at car shows around the country. And you will also see a lot of them here, so make sure to bookmark this site, come back often, and join the conversation by leaving comments with other classic Buick fans.

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