First Generation Buick Electra 225

First Generation Buick Electra 225

Back in the heyday of the American automobile industry gasoline was cheap so vehicles could be built without regard to gas mileage, and some big “boats” were the result. These cars are really cool today and there were various entries into this market, such as the Cadillac, the Lincoln Continental, and the Oldsmobile 98. The big top-end Buick was the Electra 225.

The first model year for the Electra 225 was 1959, and it got its name because of the fact that the length of the body measured a rather robust 225 inches; some of your hipsters referred to it as the “deuce and a quarter.” You have to admit, deuce and a quarter does sound pretty cool and these cars were considered cool enough to stay in production through the 1990 model year.

The first generation of the car lasted for just two model years, 1959 and 1960. The car was offered in three different body styles at that time: a four-door sedan, a two-door coupe, and a two-door convertible but there were also a handful of stripped-chassis models made. It came loaded with the powerful 401 cubic inch Wildcat V8 with a four barrel carburetor that was capable generating 325 hp. The transmission was a two-speed Dynaflow automatic, and power steering and power brakes came standard.

Buick Electra 225There were just over 22,400 1959 Buick Electra 225 models sold. The highest seller was the four-door hardtop sedan with 10,491 of them leaving the showrooms. But if you are looking for a truly rare 1959 deuce and a quarter try to find Model 4830, which is the stripped-chassis model. There were just 120 of those produced.

This is a look at the birth of the Buick Electra 225. We will be looking at later models in future posts and we invite you to share your experiences with this classic Buick of days gone by.

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  1. shane says:

    i have a 1968 buick electra 225 limited hard top. triple blue. there is only two in the state of south australia. ive got a new 2 and a half inch stainless steel dual exhaust, corvette 6 piston front disc. brand new 430 stroked and blue printed, 580 horse power plus a turbo 700 tranny but kept it column shift. has brand new brocade fabric and carpet, new bumpers, new 4 inch white walls, new antenna, brand new hubcaps, new aluminium radiator,rewired front electric seat. new shockers new boot(trunk) carpet, all rust cut out and paint work touched up. i love my car and will never sell it. it drives like a dream . shane from australia

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