Dodge Model 30

Dodge Model 30

When you talk about the true pioneers of automobile manufacturing in the United States, Dodge is going to be right near the top of the list. It all started out back in 1900 when the Dodge Brothers Company was founded as an entity that would manufacture components that would be utilized to build motor vehicles. The company subsequently started making their own vehicles and it became part of the Chrysler Corporation in 1928.

The big story during the early days of the 21st century was the Ford Model T. Henry Ford wanted to develop a car that was affordable to the masses, and through the use of assembly-line technology he was able to do so with the wildly successful Model T.

Of course, it has always been monkey see monkey do in Detroit so Dodge came out with their competitor to the Ford Model T in the form of the Dodge Model 30. These cars, which were intended to be a step up from the Model T in terms of quality, made their debut in 1914; the Model T was introduced in 1908.

The Dodge Model 30 was a success early on and it contained a couple of innovations that are quite notable as they became standard fare in the industry.  Prior to the introduction of the Dodge Model 30 motor vehicles were for the most part constructed with wood framing, and you can imagine the limitations of this. The Dodge Model 30 was constructed entirely of steel and this was a feature that set it apart from the competition at that time.

In addition to the all steel construction the Dodge Model 30 was built with a 12-volt electrical system instead of the 6-volt that was commonly utilized at the time. As for power, the Dodge Model 30 was capable of churning out 35 horsepower as opposed to the 20 horses that the Model T was capable of.

The Dodge Model 30 set the stage for many great things to come, and such a fine antique car would certainly make a welcome addition to the collection of any classic Dodge fan.

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