The Best Mopar Cars Ever

The Best Mopar Cars Ever

'69 Dodge Super BeeIn the world of racing, Mopar cars – those made by Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge – were some of the fastest, especially due to the 426 Hemi engine. Since the Mopar motors were so powerful and began dominating the NASCAR circuit, the bigwigs decided that something had to be done. They decreed that cars on the NASCAR circuit had to be produced in the thousands, which made the Mopar line of cars available to the public with a slight variation on the racing engine that took NASCAR by storm. These are the results: the best Mopar cars to hit the streets:

Dodge Coronet1. Dodge Coronet R/T. This car usually came with the 440 Hemi, but a Dodge Coronet models from the 1966 and 1967 years can be found with the street version of the 426 Hemi. The Dodge Coronet was a favorite because it could be found in a high-end hardtop or convertible, that was designed to go fast, but be comfortable, too.

2. Dodge Super Bee. In 1969 ½ there was nothing hotter than the Super Bee, unless you counted its cousin the Plymouth Road Runner. These cars came in funky colors, like green and purple. They were loaded with 440 six-pack engines and Holley carburetors. To keep the car looking like a race car, the hood was attached with pins and could be completely removed when needed.

Plymouth Barracuda / Cuda3. Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda. Just mention a Hemi engine and people immediately think of speed. The 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda is one of the most collectible cars because it is so rare and the model marks the end of the true muscle-car era. This car was capable of legendary burn outs with the 425 horsepower and 426 Hemi engine.

4. Dodge Viper. This is not a classic car by any means, but it will be there soon enough. This Viper is built for racing and it can even be ordered without a stereo system to lighten the weight for faster speeds. The Viper can go zero to sixty in under 4 seconds, which was unheard of back in the days of the original muscle cars.

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