AMC Javelin Hot Rod

AMC Javelin Hot Rod

AMC JavelinThere are certain muscle cars of the 1960s and 70s that were often enhanced for added performance, and many of these were utilized on racing circuits. One such car was the AMC Javelin and we’ll take a look at it here in this post.

A lot of people who are younger fans of hot rods may not be that familiar with the AMC brand. AMC was the American Motors Corporation, and it was founded back in 1954.

Early on it was led by a man who went on to become governor of the state of Michigan named George Romney. The brand was bolstered during its earlier years by the popularity of the AMC Rambler.

AMC went out of business in 1988 but the company was able to distinguish itself with a few vehicles that caught the imagination of the American auto buying public. One of these that is of particular interest to many classic hot rod fans is the AMC Javelin, a car that fits into both the pony car and muscle car categories.

The Javelin was first introduced for the 1967 model year and it was widely acclaimed for packing such a large punch for such a moderately sized vehicle. The most powerful engine that was offered for the Javelin of 1967 was a 343 cubic inch V8.

The original Javelin was offered in just one body style, a two-door hardtop, and in addition to the standard base model there was also an upscale Javelin SST available. On the low-end you could purchase a 1967 Javelin when it was new for just over $2700.

Richard Teague designed the car for American Motors, and his efforts were widely praised throughout the automotive intelligentsia at the time. The car remained in production through the 1974 model year and many specimens have been restored and retooled by classic hot Rod fans over the years.

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