China Loves Classic American Cars

China Loves Classic American Cars

1963 Chevy Impala

Who doesn’t love classic cars? From the earliest Fords to the ‘40s hot rods, the powerful road racers of the muscle car era, and the modern classics, everyone loves the style and the nostalgia of a classic car. Apparently no one loves it more than Chinese citizens. American culture has long been popular with the people in communist countries. Today, that is taking the form of a love for older cars among the people of China.

1972 Chevy NovaChinese citizens love classic cars for the same reasons Americans do. They appreciate the character, the history, and the design of these older vehicles. They love working on a worn out car and bringing it back to life. And, of course, they love showing off their collections and the hard work they put into their collectibles.

Collecting classic cars is a hobby that is on the rise in China, but it is not one that is embraced by the government. The booming economy of China and dense populations in the cities are combining to produce record levels of pollution. In an attempt to counteract it, the government has banned cars older than 15 years from driving on the roads. This has made it difficult for collectors to import cars, but not impossible.

'68 Chrysler 300Roadblocks are not stopping Chinese car enthusiasts from enjoying their classics. For the third year in a row, classic car owners participated in the Beijing-Shanghai Classic Cars Challenge. Several classic car owners drove in a convoy the 1,100 miles from the Great Wall in Beijing to Shanghai to enjoy the ride and to show off their vehicles. Participating cars that turned heads included a 1964 Corvette and a pink Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

The cross country cruise is a rarity in a country where tough restrictions keep most classics off the road. Enthusiasts may be able to take their cars out more often in the future, though, as the government has received a proposal to relax the rules.

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