Hot Rods Equal Freedom

Hot Rods Equal Freedom

Ford Hot RodOne of the fundamental ways that the automobile changed life in America would be that it provided a new dimension of freedom on many different levels. Imagine living in this great and vast country without a car, especially in years gone by when there was more undeveloped land.

There was a whole world out there to explore. Of course there were trains and eventually one could board an airplane to explore more of the country. But being able to get from one place to another while having transportation every step of the way to get around, once you got to your destination was freedom personified.

Ford Hot RodAnd at the same time, young people were afforded a new opportunity for freedom when automotive ownership became within reach of everyday people. When you lived at home with your parents you were beholden to their rules and their rules alone.

But once you got old enough to get a license and buy your own car you seized a certain amount of freedom and personal autonomy.

In addition to the freedom to get around, automobile ownership provided people with the opportunity to be personally creative. This is one of the great appeals of hot rods.

If you build your own hot rod you are taking an existing vehicle and modifying it in a unique way. It is your vision that is going to drive the process, and the finished product will be something that was first conceived within your imagination.

Ford Hot RodHot rods are the perfect reflection of the freedom that goes along with automobile ownership. You can take it to any level that you want to, and when you’re finished you are looking at a vehicle that is like none other.

This is one of the great appeals of hot rod restoration, and if you harboring an automotive dream make today the day that you actually put the procrastination behind you and buy the classic car you have always wanted!

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