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Since you are into classic hot rods you are probably someone who can’t get enough information about your favorite pastime. One of the things that makes being a hot rod fan so much fun is the fact that you can take it to any level that you want to.

If you’re someone who really wants to dig in there and understand every nook and cranny of these vehicles as you restore them from the bottom up you could spend a lifetime building on your expertise. And if you prefer to collect these cars after they have already been restored there are limitless possibilities as well as you constantly scour every available avenue looking for your next big score.

With the above in mind a great resource to tap into for extraordinarily dense coverage of all current hot rod information is Street Rodder magazine. Simply put, Street Rodder has it all, including events and news, technical information, an online community where you can interact with other like-minded hot rod fans, a classified section, parts for sale, and much more.

Ford Hot RodStreet Rodder recently named its 2011 Street Rod Of The Year, and the winner was a mind blowing 1932 Ford highboy coupe that is the property of Durham, Connecticut resident Doug Bredbury. Doug built this car himself as the culmination of some 40 years of collecting parts and immersing himself in the street rod community.

He took home the big prize as a reward for all of his efforts and that certainly must be an unbelievably satisfying feeling. He is the proud recipient of a custom trophy and a leather sleeve jacket and his car will be featured in the May 2012 issue of Street Rodder.

Congratulations to Doug Bredbury who is an inspiration to all classic hot rod fans!

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