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Hot Rod Collector Extraordinaire: George Poteet

Hot Rod Collector Extraordinaire: George Poteet

There is nothing like being able to indulge your passion for hot rods to the utmost, and there are some people who are actually living the dream that a lot of us have. A while back Hot Rod magazine did a feature on a Mississippi gentleman who is truly living the dream life of a hot rod enthusiast. His name is George Poteet and he has one of the most stunning collections of hot rods in the entire world.

You Just Entered Hot Rod Heaven!

When you go to a car show or some other type of gathering that brings together classic car fans where there are a lot of hot rods on display you feel like you’re in your element.

Unfortunately, most people don’t get to spend nearly enough time among their brethren hot rod fans in the flesh, but these days we have the Internet, baby. We can get together and discuss hot rods any time right from the comfort of our computer chairs, and that is what this blog is all about.