1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88

1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88

There were countless standout classic Oldsmobile models churned out over the decades that the company was one of the automotive leaders in the United States. Of course Oldsmobile has not been around since 2004 as a company actively manufacturing motor vehicles, but the quality old cars of the past will be with us forever.

One of the vehicles that was a standard bearer for Oldsmobile for many years was the Oldsmobile 88. The Olds 88 was a full-size car that first made its debut just when the automotive industry was starting to find its legs again after World War II in 1949. The car remained in production for some five decades lasting through the 1999 model year and this is certainly quite an accomplishment for any nameplate.

There were various different Oldsmobile 88 variants over its long production run and today we would like to take a look at the 1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. The Dynamic 88 first made its debut during that year and remained in production through the 1966 model year.

Oldsmobile Dynamic 88

Photo Courtesy of classicarcatalogue.com

The 1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 came equipped with a 265 horsepower 371 cubic inch V-8 as standard equipment and this was certainly more than enough to get you where you needed to go in a hurry. The two-door Holiday hardtop was an especially popular version of the ’58 Olds 88. Oldsmobile was able to sell a total of more than 50,000 of these models, and they carried a price tag of $2834.

Classic Oldsmobile fans will always remember the Dynamic 88 with great fondness. If you have a 1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 in your possession you are certainly the envy of many vintage Oldsmobile enthusiasts because these cars are in great demand. The 1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 has the unmistakable look of the 50s and they are a true slice of Americana, a living monument to the excellence of American automobile manufacturing during that classic era.

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