1971 Plymouth GTX

1971 Plymouth GTX

1968 Plymouth GTXThe last model of the nameplate, the 1971 Plymouth GTX was the quintessential American muscle car. Plymouth was already famous for offering the public affordable pony and muscle cars with its Barracuda and Road Runner models. The GTX launched the brand into the performance stratosphere. The original 1967 GTX was a package for the Belvedere, and its subdued styling gave no indication of the power under the hood or the masterful engineering.

1968 Plymouth GTXFor styling, the 1971 Plymouth GTX and its predecessors included more subtle elements than other muscle cars. The original models had a special grille that separated it from an ordinary Belvedere, rear fascia, mock hood scoops, and dual chrome exhausts. The 1971 Plymouth GTX got a complete overhaul in terms of styling, including a semi-fastback with huge bumpers, curved windows, and highly curved side panels. The two-door coupe was also just a little bit shorter for the final year of the GTX.

Buyers of the 1971 Plymouth GTX had several options to add to their new muscle car. They could get whitewall tires, a three-speed manual transmission with a floor shifter, and a vinyl front bench with armrests at no extra charge. For a little extra, buyers could also get hood pins, an Air Grabber hood vent, power steering and power door locks, and power windows.

1967 Plymouth GTXAs for engines, the choices were same for the 1971 Plymouth GTX as they had been the previous year, although they each lost a little power. The engines included the 440-cubic inch V8, with either four or six barrels, and the 426 Hemi. As with other muscle cars of the time, rising insurance prices and environmental regulations spelled the downfall of the GTX.

Although GTX collectors today tend to prefer the earlier models, the 1971 Plymouth GTX is very collectible today. Chrysler made barely more than 3,000 of the final model, as compared to around 14,000 Road Runners that year.

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