Paint Colors from the Muscle Car Era

Paint Colors from the Muscle Car Era

1969 Chevrolet NovaIn the Muscle Car era from the late 1960s and early 1970s, cars came standard in some highly unusual colors. Today, most American drivers choose cars in black, silver, or white, but they  might splurge at pick a car in race car red or bumblebee yellow. Even if it seems like the yellow or red cars are bold and risky, they are nothing compared to the choices that automakers used forty-plus years ago.

The Plymouth Barracuda was one car that had highly memorable colors. Sunfire Orange Poly, Curious Yellow, Moulin Rouge, Limelight Poly, and Sassy Grass Green speak volumes about the unique choice that are truly from the Mopar muscle cars.

If you are looking for Dodge Coronet Super Bee, the color choices are even more exotic and fun. Colors like Orange, Green Go, Sublime, Go Mango, and Plum Crazy can still be purchased for those who are restoring their classic Dodge Coronet models. Plum Crazy is one of the most unique colors as it was and continues to be rare to find any cars painted purple. The fact that Plum Crazy was put on muscle cars, that were designed to be fast and furious makes the choice even more unusual.

1971 Dodge DartChevy and Ford did not get colors that were as fun and bold as the Mopar cars, but Ford did have a few notables. In 1970, Ford used a yellow they called Last Stand Yellow, as a play on Custer’s last stand and the homonym, custard. They also had a couple of other smartly named colors, like Freudian Gilt (a dark gold) and Anti-Establish-Mint (kelly green).

Pontiac also got into the bold color game. Their muscle cars had that typical 1970s vibe just like shag carpet and kitchen tile. If you were looking for Pontiac, the standard car colors included Orbit Orange, Mint Turquoise, and Granada Gold.

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