The Heart of America Region Chapter of the Plymouth Owners Club

The Heart of America Region Chapter of the Plymouth Owners Club

Plymouth Barracuda CudaIf you are a classic Plymouth fan you are part of a special breed of collector car enthusiasts. Plymouth automobiles are a true slice of Americana, especially when you are talking about the vehicles of the classic era.

Plymouth Sport FuryCruising down the highway with no particular place to go in your perfect Plymouth taking in the sights and sounds of the roadways has always been an experience that is uniquely American, like baseball, jazz, and apple pie.

The heartland of America is a hotbed of classic car enthusiasts, and there are many car clubs to participate in if you want to have the opportunity to network and hang out with people who love collectible American cars as much as you do.

There’s nothing like being able to share your knowledge, learn new things in your own right, participate in a marketplace where people are buying and selling cars and parts, and otherwise rub elbows with like-minded folks.

Plymouth DusterWith the above in mind, classic Plymouth fans who live in the vicinity of Kansas City, Missouri would do well to consider joining the The Heart of America Region chapter of the Plymouth Owners Club.

They got their charter back in 1990 so you know that they’re going to be around for the long haul. If you join up you can participate in their monthly cruises, and the club organizes road trips as well that can give you something to look forward to throughout the year.

There is also a monthly newsletter circulated to keep members aware of everything that is going on that would be of interest to regional classic Plymouth fans.

If joining this fantastic group of dedicated Plymouth fans sounds like good idea to you, you can get all the information you need by visiting the The Heart of America Region website.

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