The Plymouth Plaza

The Plymouth Plaza

In 1954, Plymouth rolled out the Plymouth Plaza, which they priced under their more pricey models, while offering options that had been reserved for those more expensive models. The Plaza came in 2, 3, and 4 door sedan versions. A “Silver Special” Plaza was rare, and only offered in 1958. This special edition Plaza had silver paint on the roof and a stainless steel spear on the front fenders and part of the doors. A  few other final touches to the model made it one of the rarest classic cars, especially because there is no true way to know just how many silver specials were produced.

The Plymouth Plaza had a style that is often associated with 1950s-era vehicles. With an elongated hood and sparkling bumpers, the car epitomizes the image most people bring to mind when thinking of classic cars from the post-war era. Large windows and a generally long vehicle, no matter the body style, made this fit perfectly with most people’s idea of a 1950s classic car.

Plymouth PlazaDuring its first year of production, a power steering option became available for $139.75, as did a 110-horsepower 230 cubic inch engine, 3-speed manual transmission, semi-automatic transmission, and automatic transmission options. The Plymouth Plaza weighed in between 2,889 and 3,122 pounds, depending on the body style.

After only four years of production, the Plaza was discontinued after the 1958 model year. The short-lived model was so accurately portrayed the style so popular after WWII was very much stuck there and never made it to the flower power days of the 1960s.

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