Third Generation Plymouth Barracudas

Third Generation Plymouth Barracudas

Of all the classic cars that are out there people who have a specific affection for Plymouth automobiles often gravitate toward the Barracuda.

A lot of people think that the first pony car was the Ford Mustang, and it is true that the class of vehicle was named after the Mustang. However, the Barracuda, which was considered to be a pony car once the term was coined was introduced first. The Plymouth Barracuda was released on April 1 of 1964 which predated the debut of the Ford Mustang by a couple of weeks.

Plymouth BarracudaThe Plymouth Barracuda remained in production through the 1974 model year, and the car went through three different generations during that time.

The final one began in 1970, and during the final generation the Barracuda was offered as either a two door notch-back coupe or a two door convertible. They were built on the Chrysler E-Body platform and this new incarnation of the Barracuda was the brainchild of automotive designer John Herlitz.

There were a number of different engine options available in the third-generation Barracudas starting at the bottom with the 198 cubic inch slant-six. Starting in 1969 the Barracuda was offered with a high-performance trim package and these vehicles were called the ‘Cuda. The ‘Cuda was available when this new generation began as well and the standard engine in the ‘Cuda was the 383 cubic inch V-8 that was rated at 335 hp.

Plymouth BarracudaThe Plymouth Barracuda is always going to be a favorite of classic Plymouth fans and it certainly made its mark during the classic era of the American pony car. If you have any experiences with a Plymouth Barracuda that you would be willing to share with other classic Plymouth fans by all means leave a comment below and let us hear your thoughts.

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