1938 Dodge Humpback Delivery Truck

1938 Dodge Humpback Delivery Truck

1938 Dodge Humpback Delivery TruckThe history of Dodge trucks, which lives on today in modern incarnations, dates to nearly 100 years ago. One of the classics of the Dodge brand is the 1938 Dodge Humpback delivery truck, sometimes also called the humpback panel truck. It was designed for use by businesses making deliveries. Today, collectors and Mopar enthusiasts get very excited about the rare 1938 Dodge humpback delivery truck and the other similar models from the 1930s. They are rare and enthusiasts love to get their hands on them for restorations and custom builds.

The Dodge brothers, who started out in the industry by making parts for Ford, built their first automobile in 1914. The brand made its first truck in 1929, shortly after being bought by Chrysler. At the time Chrysler had just begun designing and manufacturing trucks, and Dodge was direct competition. The original Dodge truck, the 1929, half-ton pick-up used a six-cylinder, 78 horsepower Dodge engine and paved the way for the 1938 Dodge Humpback delivery truck and other famous Dodge trucks.

Dodge Cars and TrucksPick-ups may have been the first trucks, but soon businesses wanted trucks that could cover and protect their loads. Open-bed pick-ups were fine for some needs, but true delivery vehicles were needed. Enter Dodge and its 1930s humpbacks. The evocative name aptly describes the appearance of these trucks. The 1938 Dodge humpback delivery truck literally had a hump behind the cab that allowed for more cargo space and the ability to transport taller items.

Both the rarity and the cool look of these 1930s trucks make them popular and desirable collector’s items today. If you are lucky enough to stumble across a 1938 Dodge humpback delivery truck, consider snapping it up at a good price. Early truck enthusiasts are always looking for a classic like this for customization or restoration.

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