Dodge Ram Trucks: The First Generation

Dodge Ram Trucks: The First Generation

Pickup trucks are something truly special, and people who are dedicated pickup drivers would never consider getting behind the wheel of anything else.

Some individuals rely on their truck for work and without question we would be in a difficult position without work trucks to carry their share of the load.

Others don’t need a truck for work but they enjoy the freedom that goes along with owning a reliable workhorse. Anytime you want to move something or tackle a certain type of task your truck is standing by ready to help you get ‘er done.

One of the most well loved American pickup trucks that is still going strong is the Dodge Ram. These vehicles were first introduced by the Chrysler Corporation for the 1981 model year, and over the years they have been manufactured in Warren, Michigan, Saltillo in Mexico and in historic St. Louis, Missouri.

Dodge RamThe first generation of the vehicle lasted through the 1993 model year and during this initial generation the vehicle was offered as a two-door, a two-door extended, and a four-door crew cab. The most powerful engines that were offered in the Dodge Ram during this first generation were a 360 cubic inch V-8 and a 360 ci Cummins diesel inline-6.

The Dodge Ram has been building on its reputation ever since this first-generation made its mark. Many fans of classic trucks will always think back fondly to the days when they first saw Dodge Rams hitting the streets in the early 1980s.

These trucks are still as popular as ever, and these days the sky’s the limit for Ram trucks. Chrysler has even been experimenting with plug-in hybrids and this is certainly quite an innovation. We’ll be looking at the Dodge Ram more closely in future posts and if you have anything to say about your experience with these vehicles please feel free to leave a comment!

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