Ford Model T Pickup

Ford Model T Pickup

Ford Model TThe name Henry Ford is a truly iconic one, not just in the field of auto making but in American business as a whole. A large part of his legacy lies in the fact that he wanted to of bring automobile ownership within reach of ordinary people.

In the beginning, motor vehicles were made individually by hand. As you might imagine, this was very time-consuming and inefficient and the costs involved in the manufacturing efforts were passed along to consumers. In addition, because the going was slow the supply was limited and this drove up the prices as well.

The thing that changed everything was the use of the assembly line which enabled mass automotive production. The first mass-produced Ford was the Model T, which came out in 1908. It is very interesting to note that Henry Ford connected the dots in a fiscally equitable way. He priced the car at a point where the workers that he hired to manufacture them would be able to afford one.

The Ford Model T went on to be named the most influential motor vehicle of the 20th century as over 15 million of them were produced over the years.

Ford Pickup Just as Ford was an innovator with regard to mass production of cars, the first pickup truck to be churned out of the factory in high numbers was the 1925 vehicle that carried this bulky name: The Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup Body. Even though we are all aware of the way that things are all relative to the times, it is kind of amazing to think that the 1925 Ford model T pickup carried a price tag of $281.

There were 34,000 1925 Ford model T pickups produced, and that set the stage for the classic Ford trucks that we have all known and loved for so many years since. If you can add an early Model T pickup to your collection you are certainly in possession of a true slice of automotive history.

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