Hot Rod Trucks

Hot Rod Trucks

25 Ford Model THot rodding is a pastime, hobby, and for some a devotion, that has a rich history in this country. Dating back to the 1920s or 1930s, it started when young people took cheap, lightweight cars, and modified them for speed and to race each other either in the flat deserts of southern California or in the streets of big cities. The original hot rods were mostly Model A and Model T roadsters, but as hot rodding developed over the years, practitioners got creative and used different types of cars as bases for their hot rods.

29 Ford PickupWhen you think of a hot rod, you most likely think of one of those old roadsters, but some enthusiasts prefer to build hot rod trucks. The idea of making a lightweight speedster out of a truck may seem counterintuitive, but there is a market for it. Those who enjoy hot rod trucks use classic pick-ups and more modern trucks to strip them down and build them up into serious racers.

The best vehicles for building hot rod trucks are the compact or mid-sized models. To make a truck go fast, a hot rodder usually starts by lowering it closer to the ground and by making other body modifications to increase its aerodynamic properties. Anything unnecessary has to go to make the truck lighter, even if that means taking out the bed. A V8 engine is typical for most hot rod trucks, with frames modified and strengthened to hold it.

27 Ford Model T PickupAmong the most popular hot rod trucks of all time is Ford’s Model T truck. Also a top choice for many builders is the 1956 Ford F100. Only a few thousand were made with a big window, which makes this particular F100 rare and desirable among hot rod enthusiasts. Ford trucks are always popular, but Chevy trucks from the 1950s are also a good choice of many hot rod builders.


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