International Harvester Trucks

International Harvester Trucks

InternationalWhen the average person thinks about classic American trucks they’re going to immediately flash on the Detroit “Big Three” offerings. Without a doubt, Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet/GM trucks are true classics that have helped make America what it is today.

However, many classic truck collectors will tell you that International Harvester trucks played a big role in the history of the truck in the United States and many of them are highly sought after by people in the know.

InternationalWe have all heard of some famous old-school rich guys without necessarily knowing a whole lot about them unless you are an especially astute business historian. J.P. Morgan would be among this group, and in fact Morgan facilitated the International Harvester company back in 1902 by arranging the merger of five different companies that existed at the time.

International Harvester took on diverse manufacturing efforts, supplying agricultural and construction concerns with equipment that they needed during a time when America was growing by leaps and bounds. They also made trucks, and they did so during the very infancy of the American automobile manufacturing industry.

The first light truck manufactured by International Harvester was made in 1907—to put this in perspective, the famed Ford Model T came out in 1908. This first International Harvester light truck was called the Model A Auto Wagon. It was powered by an air cooled 15 hp engine and the steering wheel was on the right side.

InternationalInternational Harvester continued to make light trucks all the way through the 1975 model year, including the K and KB series of the 1940s and subsequently the L series, the R series, and the S series of the 1950s.

True classic truck fans understand the impact that International Harvester had on motor vehicle manufacturing in America and you have to give the company credit for being one of the true pioneers of the industry.

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