Mid South Classic Collector Car Auction

Mid South Classic Collector Car Auction

Plymouth CudaCar auction: There are certain parts of the country that are especially appealing to visit during particular parts of the year and this is something to take into consideration when you are planning to go on a road trip.

Without question, the southern states are truly beautiful during the spring with all the foliage in full bloom prior to the sometimes oppressively hot summers. And as we all know, the South is famous for its hospitality and it is no secret that many people in this part of the country have an extraordinarily fervent interest in auto racing and collecting classic cars.

Oldsmobile CutlassThe above having been stated, you may want to consider heading down to the great sunny South on Saturday, May 5 to attend the Mid South Classic Collector Car Auction. It is going to be taking place indoors regardless of the weather at the Dealer Connect Auto Auction facility located at 50 Fiberglass Road in Jackson, Tennessee.

This auction is going to draw people from several surrounding states and you will have access to a wide selection of classic cars, vintage vehicles of all types, collectibles, and muscle cars. Plus, you get to rub elbows with people who love classic cars every bit as much as you do as you enjoy diving into the great Southern culture and delectable cuisine.

Chevy Chevelle SSAnd speaking of food, the auction is being sponsored by Sonic, America’s Drive-In, so you never know what culinary goodies may be floating around the big event.

If you want to potentially expand your collection while enjoying a weekend out of town the Mid South Classic Collector Car Auction is certainly something to consider attending. If you are interested in learning more details including how to consign or reserve a swap meet space, you can call the organizers at 731–423–5551.

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