The Woodward Dream Cruise

The Woodward Dream Cruise

Ford Fairlane There are some things that you can debate, like whether or not the Beatles were better than the Rolling Stones or whether Chicago style pizza beats New York style. The one thing you cannot question is the fact that Detroit, Michigan was ground zero during the classic era of American cars.

There was a time when life revolved around your ride, especially when you were young and it represented your home away from home. This era has been documented quite well in movies and on television, with people cruising up and down certain streets, visiting drive-in restaurants and taking in drive-in movies. Gas was cheap, things were simple, and life was grand.

In the Detroit area, that street was Woodward Avenue.

Ford MustangIf only we could take this era in American history and make it stand still so that we could revisit it again…is this just a dream? In fact, just such an opportunity exists but it only comes once a year in the form of the Woodward Dream Cruise.

If you love collector car cruises you should make a trip to the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit an annual pilgrimage. It is a true extravaganza, the largest single day classic car event anywhere with upwards of a million and a half people participating each year.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is held annually on the third Saturday in August. This year the big event will take place on Saturday, August 18th and it runs from nine in the morning until nine at night. You can expect to see over 40,000 totally cool collector cars, and the honest truth is that if you love cars you’ll have the time of your life at the Woodward Dream Cruise. See you on Woodward next summer, and as they say in the malt shop, be there or be square.

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