Good News Out Of Detroit

Good News Out Of Detroit: detroit big threeWhen you evaluate the classic cars that we have come to know and love over the years it is impossible to imagine our country without American cars being produced. This is the prospect that we were faced with about three years ago when the automotive industry was in dire straits.

There was a lot of controversy about bailouts and we are not here to make any statements pro or con. But what we will say is that there was some fantastic news being reported across the Internet today regarding the state of American automotive manufacturing.

It turns out that the Detroit Big Three have a different problem these days: They are actually having difficulty keeping up with all the demand for their motor vehicles.

Last year sales reached 12.8 million units, and this year industry analysts are expecting that figure to rise to somewhere in the vicinity of 14 million vehicles.

One thing leads to another, and this uptick in American automotive sales is having a positive impact on the job market. Some 38,000 jobs were added last year by automobile manufacturers and companies that supply parts.

Another 13,000 jobs are on the way this year according to plans that have been announced by the American automobile manufacturing companies. These are expected to be third shift jobs for the most part as the Big Three try to squeeze as much production as they can out of their existing facilities.

If sales continue to rise more jobs will come about as a result and many industry analysts would not be surprised to see sales reach the 15 million mark by 2015.

It is nice to know that American automobile manufacturing is alive and well, and the models that are rolling off the assembly lines today will be the classic cars of the future.

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