Milton Robson Collection Going Up For Auction November 13th

We like to keep our readers up to date on all of the big auctions that are coming up, because you can’t build on your obsession as a classic car fan if you don’t know where to find the really cool stuff, right? So today we would like to shine a spotlight on an auction that will be featuring the fantastic collection of classic and muscle cars that has been assembled by lifetime automotive aficionado Milton Robson.

The big event is being presented by RM Auctions, and the stars of the show will be 55 high spec, low production muscular beasts along with some stunning classic collectibles from the fifties and sixties. The sale is taking place on November 13th in Gainesville, Georgia. RM Auctions spokesman Ian Kelleher weighed in on the event:

“RM is honored to have been entrusted with the presentation of the Milton Robson Collection. Milt Robson is a passionate car guy with an incredible eye for quality. His collection features the ‘best of the very best’ – arguably some of the finest and most desirable American automobiles produced.”

Among the rarities that will be on display are three, count em three different GTO Judge ragtops and a ’69 Chevrolet Camaro Yenko/SC Sport Coupe that is expected go for upward of four-hundred grand. If you can make it to the greater Atlanta area on November 13th (Gainesville is an hour outside of the ATL), you won’t want to miss this rare chance to see the Milton Robson Collection up close and personal.

Contributed by Fossil Cars Staff Writer

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