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Reno: So now the holidays are all over and we settle in for the cold winter months. We suggest that you take advantage of the opportunity to travel in your mind’s eye during this time of year and keep yourself occupied with positive thinking. And what can be more positive than thinking about what you’re going to do when the weather changes and the car show season gets underway?

Here’s the idea: First, you do your research and identify the car shows and cruises that you are interested in. You make decisions and circle your calendar, and this process is a lot of fun.

Then you make specific plans and the countdown begins, and this gives you something to look forward to as the weeks pass and springtime approaches. And of course, the punch line is the actual event when you get to strut your stuff along with a like-minded bunch of people at a cool destination.

The destination that we want to highlight here is Reno, Nevada, a place that they call “The Biggest Little City In The World.” The town hosts Hot August Nights each year, which is without exaggeration one of the biggest classic car events we have with over 800,000 people routinely attending.

There will be controlled cruises, a swap meet, a classic car auction, a sock hop, and plenty of rock ‘n roll and potent potables to fuel the proceedings. This year the big event takes place on August 7-12.

Reno offers world-class accommodations, casino gaming, great food and a real western atmosphere at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It would be a fun place to visit even if there were no cars involved, but when classic car fans take over the town it is a time like no other and something that is not to be missed.

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