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1953 Ford Crestline

In the 1950s, Ford had a vehicle which suffered from a touch of an identity crisis, and this was it. The Ford Crestline was also known as the Ford Sunliner. The trick to remembering this car, though, is keeping in mind that the Sunliner was used to describe convertible versions of the car, while the hardtop was called Victoria, and the station wagon earned the name Country Squire. For all its names, the Crestline was produced during an exciting year for Ford. 1953 was the company’s 50th anniversary, a milestone which meant new features were available.

Corvette’s 60th Anniversary

The 2013 model year marks 60 years on the market for a consistent favorite among classic car enthusiasts. As Chevrolet celebrates the Corvette’s  success over the years, it has big plans to mark the occasion. Earlier this year, Chevrolet announced a special edition 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible. The result is impressive, and it is set to be “the most powerful Corvette Convertible ever produced,” according to AutoBlog.

Chevrolet Celebrates 100 Years

Whether you are riding around in your “Little Red Corvette”, doing Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock”, “Racing In the Streets” with Bruce Springsteen, or “See(ing) the USA in Your Chevrolet”, you are doing all of these in a Chevrolet.  These are just a few of the over 700 songs that mention Chevrolets and helped celebrate and remember 100 years of excellence as Chevrolet recognized its 100th anniversary this past week.