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Pontiac Ventura: Collecting Classic Car Ephemera

Collecting Classic Car Ephemera

71 Pontiac Ventura Pontiac Ventura: In the glory days of the automobile, the advertisements spoke volumes. From the black and white photos of the early Tin Lizzies to the art deco looks from the 50s and 60s, automobile advertising shows so much more than the cars on the pages. Ephemera from the earliest decades of the automobile capture the identities of the decades. These early ads set the stage for the reality that cars were more than just a form of transportation, but they were a way for individuals to show their style and personality.

Pontiac Streamliner: Defining Art Deco, One Vehicle at a Time

Streamliner: Defining Art Deco, One Vehicle at a Time

1050 Pontiac StreamlinerWe can streamline communications, mathematic equations, and manufacturing operations. However, when it comes to the word, “streamliner,” there is one image that comes to mind: the Art Deco round vehicle. Whether that vehicle is a train from the pre-World War II era, an Airstream trailer, or a streamlined automobile, streamlining best fits in the automotive and locomotive worlds.

Streamlining as a Novelty

Pontiac Torpedo: Art Deco at Its Finest

Pontiac Torpedo: Art Deco at Its Finest

41 Pontiac TorpedoLuxurious. Modern. Streamlined. Exuberant. The Art Deco movement of the 1930s through 1940s was the world’s way of saying that design was just as important as function. This design style was used in the visual arts and affected everything bridges and dams to jewelry, home appliances, and architecture. The design movement even made its way to automobiles and was evident in the luxurious lines, ornate hood ornaments, and modern tail lights.

Art Deco in Architecture: Visit Hoover Dam