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A Look Inside Jay Leno’s Garage

Photo Courtesy of motor1.com

Jay Leno is not only one of the most successful talk show hosts in the history of network television; he is also an avid car collector. He maintains a garage in Southern California housing over 200 fine collector cars and motorcycles. Leno has a passion for automobiles and does not simply house them as museum pieces; you can catch him tooling around the So Cal area in a different car, every day of the week.

Amazing Cars Discovered in Barns

Amazing Cars Discovered in Barns

'69 Lamborghini Miura

Photo Courtesy of www.momentcar.com

If you thought garages were the best places to store cars, you are correct. Sadly, when people forget to park their cars in their garages, they end up forgetting about them. This is why so many amazing cars are left in unusual places and forgotten about, only to be discovered by passers by who happen to notice the fine lines through all the rust, dust, and grim. Here are a few notable “barn finds”: