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3 of the Most Unique American-Built Cars

3 of the Most Unique American-built Cars

54 1954 pontiac bonneville special

There have been many unique cars built that each has their own interesting characteristics.  Three of these cars are classics built in America during the 1940’s and 50’s; we’d like to take the time to showcase them today.

Bonneville Salt Flats and MG

Bonneville Salt Flats and MG

'54 MG TFThree times per year automotive experts gather at the most iconic speed track in the world: the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The 30,000 acres of the salt flats are near the Nevada and Utah border. The space is so large that the curves of the earth are visible. When the salt is completely dry (which it is for the majority of the year), it is so hard that cars barely even leave tracks. It is such an inhospitable environment that nothing lives there. Despite the harsh conditions, it has become the perfect place to test cars, especially when looking to achieve land-speed records.

A ‘Special’ Car

There are many cars which are regarded as especially exciting to spot because of their power, speed, and perhaps the most exciting, their rarity. It becomes a great adventure at car shows to find the oldest car, the “coolest” car, and the rarest car. So, what is one of the hardest cars to see? How about a model that only ever had two units built? Yes, just two!