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The Maserati Bora

When you think of European sports cars, names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and De Tomaso come to mind.  Another one that should stick out because of its beautiful designs, fast cars, and victories on the racing circuit is the Maserati.  From 1971-1978, the Maserati released a vehicle that was all of those things and it was called the Bora.

When Citroen first took over Maserati in 1968, they were looking for a mid-engine, 2-seater coupe that could compete with Lamborghini’s Miura, De Tomaso’s Mangusta, and the model that Ferrari was rumored to have in the works.  The Tipo117 (later named the Bora) was put underway in October of 1968.  A prototype was shown in the summer of 1969, it was presented at the Geneva Salon in March of 1971 and the first customer got theirs by the end of the same year.