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Fastest American Production Cars

Fastest American Production Cars

Photo Courtesy of Chevrolet.com

When most people think of the fastest cars, they usually look to European sports cars. The Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Porsche sports cars have continually impressed car enthusiasts who look for as much speed as possible. American fast-car enthusiasts are not limited to the automakers in Italy, Germany, and the UK, because there are several extremely fast cars that are manufactured in the United States. These are some of the fastest:

Photo Courtesy of AutoWeek.com

Bugatti Type 57

Bugatti Type 57Bugatti Type 57

Legendary luxury car brand and supercar manufacturer Bugatti made the Type 57 model for just a few years in the 1930s and produced a mere 710 units during that time. Bugatti cars date back all the way to 1909 when Ettore Bugatti founded the company in Germany. This revolutionary car maker was not an engineer. He was an artist, which helps to explain the impressive styling legend of the Bugatti Type 57 and other models.

The History of Bugatti

We hear about them in Ralph Lauren and Jay Leno’s garages, we see them selling for expensive prices in Barrett-Jackson and other auctions and even see them featured in museums.  Why is there all of this commotion about the Bugatti?  Is it because they run so smoothly or because they are the perfect combination of automobile and art?  Let’s go back through the history of the Bugatti to illustrate why these cars are so admired.

The Mullin Automotive Museum: A Tribute to French Classic Cars of the 20’s and 30’s

A new automotive museum opened in Oxnard, California in February called The Mullin Automotive Museum.  This museum pays homage to art and autos of the Art Deco and Machine Age (1918-1941) in France.  One of the museums showrooms displays over 100 historic French vehicles including:  Delahaye, Delage, Voisin, Bugatti and Talbot-Lagos and coachwork from Figoni et Falaschi, Labourdette, Chapron, Gangloff, Saoutchik, and Letourneur et Marchand.  The museum is also exhibiting 30 vehicles with Pebble Beach winning restorations and French classics from the Grand Prix and the Le Mans.  Finally, the museums touts that they have an entire floor dedicated to the Bugatti, cleverly named “Club Bugatti”.