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The Yenko Camaro

The Yenko Camaro

Photo Courtesy of hotrod.com

The Camaro has long been associated with speed, power, and respect on the road, however, there was a time when it simply could not compete with the Ford Mustang and Plymouth Barracuda. At the time that the Camaro was first produced, General Motors had a limit which prevented using an engine larger than a 400 cubic inch V8, much unlike its competition, which had no such restriction. Things changed under Don Yenko, who understood that there was a market for more powerful cars, and so began the story of the Yenko Camero, a modified version of the famous car line, produced under Yenko Chevrolet.

1968 SS Camaro

1968 Chevy Camara1968 SS Camaro: One of the most iconic of American muscle cars, the Chevy Camaro arrived on the scene in 1967, ready to go head to head with Ford’s Mustang. As part of the first generation, the 1968 SS Camaro was a refined and powerful version of Chevy’s newest muscle. Several upgrades and newer design elements improved upon the ’67 car.