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One Year Winners

One Year Winners

59 Dodge Challenger Silver

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In the world of automobiles, setting up an assembly line, creating tools and dies, and producing a new model takes a significant amount of work. This is one of the reasons why so many cars are made for several production years before major changes are made. Despite the work that goes into producing a car model, automakers have been known to occasionally create one-hit wonders – cars that were produced for only one year. Many times the cars were big losers on the lots, but in some cases the single year production cars were big winners. Here is a short list:

10 of the Most Famous Cars in Movies

10 of the Most Famous Cars in Movies

What classic car enthusiast doesn’t love watching a movie with a wild, rip-roaring chase scene or a loud, growling drag race? What car aficionado doesn’t pay more attention to the car and its specs in a movie rather than the plot? Here we are going to pay homage to those movie-watching car lovers by taking a look at 10 of the Most Famous Cars in Movies.

10. 1972 Ford Gran Torino – Gran Torino (2008):

The First Generation Dodge Challenger

Dodge ChallengerThe original Dodge Challenger, produced from 1970-1974, was Dodge’s attempt at entering the popular pony car market, epitomized by the Ford Mustang. The Challenger shared its Chrysler E-body platform with the Plymouth Barracuda, although it was slightly larger. Chrysler-Dodge intended the Challenger to compete with the more luxurious pony cars of the time. Unfortunately for the company, by the time the Challenger’s design was complete, it was a bit late and the pony car wave was already beginning to fade. For this reason, it did not have nearly the success that the Chrysler brain trust had hoped for.

Dodge Challenger: Go Retro

Dodge Challenger: Go Retro

'70 Dodge ChallengerWhen you are blessed to own a retro muscle car like the Dodge Challenger, why not go all the way and have a night of fun. With the big trunk and a rockin’ stereo, you can live like it is still 1970. Fire up the 426 Hemi V-8, fill the tank with gas (don’t plan on going too far with 4 mph fuel rating), and gather up your friends.

4 of the Most Famous Cars in Television

There were many great television series during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, but for those people who love American Muscle cars, certain shows stood out.  Here, we are going to take a look at 4 of the most famous cars from television series.

4.  1966 Chrysler Imperial – Green Hornet “Black Beauty” (1967)

True Pony Cars

Many believe that era of the pony car began with the introduction of the Ford Mustang, and of course the Mustang did inspire the term that was coined by the editor of Car Life magazine back then, Dennis Shattuck. Its stunning popularity also catapulted the concept into the public consciousness, so it can be said that the Mustang was the most important of the cars that went on to be considered pony cars. But it was not the first. The Mustang was offered to the public on April Fool’s Day in 1964, but the Plymouth Barracuda, which is also considered to be a pony car, was released a couple of weeks prior to the Mustang.