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Don’t Embarrass Me: Worst “Car of the Year” Awards

Don’t Embarrass Me: Worst “Car of the Year” Awards

1972 Chevy VegaEach year, automakers wait with baited breath for the release of the car of the year awards. These come from major automotive magazines like Car and Driver and Motor Trend.

These car magazines originally chose cars that were affordable and stood apart from the crowd. It took a few years of choosing flops to force the car makers to set standards for their award winning cars, so now they look at technology, innovation, reliability, and performance. These are a few of the regretful “Car of the Year” award winners:

1955 Chevrolet Nomad

The word “nomad” is generally used to describe a group of people who follow their food source from location to location. In 1955, however, Chevrolet tried its hand at redefining the word. The Chevrolet Nomad was a station wagon which was in production from 1955-1972. For the first few years, from 1955-1957, it was only a two-door model, which was likely the most memorable one. Specifications for this model made it an interesting  combination.