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1962 Catalina

1962 Catalina

1962 CatalinaAlthough factory racing had been effectively banned starting in 1957, Pontiac’s late ‘50s and early ‘60s revamping included racing as a major component and the 1962 Catalina was a big part of that move. In the late ‘50s General Motors’ Pontiac brand began to feel a little old and tired. The cars were big, boring, and slow and not many young people were interested in them.

1962 CatalinaPontiac engineers made a turnaround of the brand by ignoring the racing ban and creating parts and packages that helped Pontiac models succeed in NHRA and NASCAR racing. The 1962 Catalina was a prime example of Pontiac’s cars that could be outfitted for racing and which helped to bring the cool back to the brand.

1953 Pontiac Chieftain

Pontiac, a division of General Motors, took advantage of the post-war era that quickly followed the end of World War II. As troops made their way home and young families began to grow across the United States, there came a need for a fresh look on automobiles. The division worked hard and fast to produce a car that was all new. During the war years, only minor changes had been made to existing models for various reasons. Once those years were over, Pontiac, along with other manufacturers, developed very different-looking cars. For Pontiac, the Chieftain was the perfect vehicle to usher in the post-war era of vehicles.

Pontiac Revived: The Chieftain

When World War II had come and gone, many car companies were looking for new car designs to boost their sales to the pre-World War II levels.  Pontiac was no different from this.  They decided on a vehicle that was much like their lower level Streamliner in terms of engine, dimensions, trim level and options, but it would use the sportier GM A-Body style instead of the B-Body style of the Streamliner.  This vehicle was called the Pontiac Chieftain and it rose to its expectations by replacing the Torpedo as Pontiac’s top automobile in its first year.

A Look At The Pontiac Catalina

When a particular model of car has been around for a long period of time, it goes through a series of changes that are broken down as the “generations” of the car. Looking back at particular models that existed over many decades and through a number of stylistic generations is very interesting. A picture is worth a thousand words, and when you see the steady evolution of a car, you are at the same time getting a look at the way the automotive industry as a whole made continual strides forward.

1952 Pontiac Chieftain