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“Companion” Marques: The Cadillac LaSalle

“Companion” marques was a term that was unheard of in the automotive industry before the 1920’s.  It was the idea of coming up with a product that could run between two different automotive names to help in closing the gaps between the brands. In 1927, the CEO of General Motors, Alfred Sloan, came up with the idea of “companion” marques because he was noticing price gaps in his car lines with no products to sell at those gap points. You see,originally, GM had a step process; Chevrolet was the entry level brand, then it went Oakland, Oldsmobile, Buick and then Cadillac, but due to product and engine improvements, some products were shifting out of line. Since this had been an era where automotive brands were somewhat restricted to building one model per year, Sloan thought adding a “companion” marque between each brand would boost business.  This is where the Cadillac LaSalle was born!