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1967 Dodge Dart Convertible

  1967 Dodge Dart Convertible

67 Dodge Dart

Photo Courtesy of hotrod.com

Most well-known as a compact car, the Dart actually began as a full-sized car for the Dodge brand in 1960. By 1962, it shrank to mid-sized, and was fully part of the compact niche by 1963. The 1967 Dodge Dart convertible kicked off the fourth generation of this popular model. The Dart went through a lot of changes in its early years and moved through generations one through three pretty quickly. As well as a reduction in size over those years, it slowly evolved from an affordable, safe family car to a genuine muscle car.

The 5 Most Rare Factory-built Muscle Cars

Most car enthusiasts know that some of the most rare cars in the world were special ordered with very specific requests and that hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to make them that way.  The cars that were factory-made, but still incredibly rare, get casted in the shadows because they are considered not as glamorous and sold for less money.  This article wants to commend these rare, factory-built vehicles and bring them out into the spotlight they deserve.

1971 Plymouth Barracuda

1971 Plymouth Barracuda

FossilCars.com CustomerPart of the third and final generation of the nameplate, the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda came with several changes as compared to its predecessors. The original Barracuda came out in 1964 was an A-body, fastback coupe that shared its styling and body with the Plymouth Valiant. The Barracuda came out just as Americans were craving small, sporty coupes, and anything similar to the namesake of the pony car, Ford’s ever-popular Mustang.

El Camino: Did you know?

El Camino: Did you know?

'66 Chevy El CaminoThe Chevy El Camino is a special car that defined a special time. This car-turned-pickup filled a niche market in a way that few other vehicles could. Defined as a “coupe-utility vehicle,” the El Camino was found in the fields of California to the drag strips in the Midwest. Today the car finds comfort in the garages of the men and women who just cannot escape the 1970s and want to relive their glory days.

1953 Pontiac Chieftain

Pontiac, a division of General Motors, took advantage of the post-war era that quickly followed the end of World War II. As troops made their way home and young families began to grow across the United States, there came a need for a fresh look on automobiles. The division worked hard and fast to produce a car that was all new. During the war years, only minor changes had been made to existing models for various reasons. Once those years were over, Pontiac, along with other manufacturers, developed very different-looking cars. For Pontiac, the Chieftain was the perfect vehicle to usher in the post-war era of vehicles.

1940 Ford Deluxe

Since its early days, Ford has long been an automobile company with the ability to somehow withstand difficult tests from difficult economies to wavering public opinion and even two world wars. Just before the United States entered into World War II following the horrific attack on Pearl Harbor, Ford produced a model which had a cool, sleek look. The 1940 Ford Deluxe was a vehicle whose appearance made it seem as though things were not as dire as was reality: the world had plunged into economic turmoil and many countries were in chaos. Below, we examine this classic car; take a look.

1959 Coupe De Ville

The Cadillac division of General Motors first introduced the Coupe De Ville line in 1949 at the Autorama. In the years that followed, the classic car line would become an iconic car of the 1950s and 1960s. The 1959 model year saw power steering and brakes, which came standard, and a redesign to make the model even more distinct from its competitors. It was easy to spot a Coupe De Ville on a crowded street by the unique look of the rear end of the car. Headlights which protruded off of the back fender flares distinguished this model from others.

The Jaguar XK 140

The sleek, smooth design on this beauty earns it a reputation worthy of the name. Jaguars are known for the same presence on the road as the jungle cats, from which the name is derived, have in the wild. Manufactured from 1954 to 1957, the Jaguar XK 140 was the successor of the XK 120. Movie buffs may recognize this model, which Ryan Phillippe popularized in the movie Cruel Intentions. 

1967 Chevelle

1967 Chevelle: 67 chevelleAs one of the most popular classic cars, the 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle is highly sought-after among car enthusiasts. Both the coupe and convertible versions are popular. The 1967 Chevelle model had a slightly more aggressive look than the previous year’s model because of a reworked bumper. in this post, we’ll take a look at the classic Chevrolet.