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10 of the Most Famous Cars in Movies

10 of the Most Famous Cars in Movies

What classic car enthusiast doesn’t love watching a movie with a wild, rip-roaring chase scene or a loud, growling drag race? What car aficionado doesn’t pay more attention to the car and its specs in a movie rather than the plot? Here we are going to pay homage to those movie-watching car lovers by taking a look at 10 of the Most Famous Cars in Movies.

10. 1972 Ford Gran Torino – Gran Torino (2008):

Remembering John DeLorean

People who were around and abreast of the news of the day in the early 1980s will remember the field day the media had with John DeLorean. He was depicted as a jet-setting hipster who just happened to own a failing automobile manufacturing company who became involved in a cocaine smuggling scheme in an effort to save his company from financial ruin. This took place in 1982, and the last DeLorean DMC-12 left the plant in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland in November of that year.