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Cars with Suicide Doors

Cars with Suicide Doors

1940 Chevy Master DeluxeIn the automobile world, most cars come with standard doors with hinges placed at the front of the panel. Front doors attach to the front of the car and rear doors attach to a b-pillar that separates the front passenger compartment from the back compartment. With suicide doors, the hinges are attached to the back of the door panel. Some four-door cars are made without b-pillars, so front doors have hinges at the front, but the rear doors have hinges at the back. Suicide doors are usually added to luxury cars, because they allow passengers to get out with more open space for their legs. These are some cars that come with standard suicide doors:

The Life Of DeSoto

the very first DeSoto

There is no doubt that the Greatest Generation shaped the way we think about society and the way things used to be- their deep sense of community, patriotism, and respect sometimes seems to be a thing of the past. Perhaps that’s why we idolize the way they lived-the music, the old Coca-Cola bottle, the dancing…the cars. While the young men were fighting in “The War,” as so many veterans still say, the women anxiously awaited their return. The jubilee that followed the end of World War II, when combined with the booming economy led to great innovations and some of the best story lines for the love stories movie producers can hardly depict fast enough, it seems.

The DeSoto Firedome

From the 1930’s to the 1960’s, Chrysler was offering a brand of vehicles called DeSotos.  In 1953, a vehicle was introduced for DeSoto’s premium line called the Firedome.  The Firedome was released just prior to DeSoto’s 25th anniversary as the top series vehicle replacing the Custom nameplate that ceased in 1952.

The first model of the Firedome boasted a Hemi V8 engine that produced 160hp and topped speeds of 100mph.  It could go 0-60mph in 15.5 seconds. This was the first time since 1931 that DeSoto had used an 8-cylinder engine.  The car could seat 6 passengers and was offered in a 4 door sedan, a 5 door station wagon, a 2 door coupe and a 2 door convertible.  It cost $2740 and over 64,000 were produced in its first year.