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What to Name Your Car

What to Name Your Car

'70 Oldsmobile 442It is true that cars come with names. Corvette, Miata, Mustang, ES300, Prius, i3, to name a few. But, when you really get to know your car, there is nothing wrong with giving your car its very own name. You know your car better than anyone else, from its check-engine light that never turns off (even after repairs), to the perfect level to lower the windows when driving on the highway, to its favorite type of gas. If you have been wanting to name your car, but you have not had the right inspiration, here are a few ideas:

I Might Be Ugly, But Drivers Still Loved Me

I Might Be Ugly, but Drivers Still Loved Me

79 Ford PintoIn the world of automobiles, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Granted, there are some cars that everyone agrees are timeless beauties – like Ferraris, Mercedes, and Porsches. There are other cars that everyone agrees are the ugliest of the uglies, like anything made by AMC. However, there are some cars that are neither gorgeous or horrendous, but somewhere in between. These are the cars that might be on the ugly side, but there is something about them that people found endearing. Here are a few: