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The Deuce and a Quarter: Slang for the Car Enthusiasts

The Deuce and a Quarter: Slang for the Car Enthusiasts

1962 Buick ElectraCars have earned their place in the hearts of their drivers. In the United States, it seems that as soon as something becomes special to us, we give it pet names. Those pet names then turn into slang terms, which evolve as they spread around the country. Cars have had their fair share of memorable slang terms.

Ford Model A

Model A: Shortly before the onset of the Great Depression and in the Depression’s early years, Ford Motor Company was changing tactics. The Model T was introduced in 1908, and for years, the car was unchanged and available in only black. As competitors in the auto market arose, Ford was faced with reality: to stay relevant, it would need to produce vehicles that were both attractive in appearance and performance. After a brief shutdown following a decline in sales as car-buyers began searching for options and color choices, Ford debuted the Model A.

The Comet Rising in the 1960s

Although the car was produced by Mercury until 1977, the 1960s were the years that gave rise to the Comet. Originally planned to be a model of the Edsel, the Comet was to be one of the Ford Motor Company’s new projects for the 1960s and was labeled simply “Comet” until it received its Mercury badges in 1962. Although it was originally conceived as a new Edsel model, the Comet is in fact the twin sister to the Ford Falcon. The Comet shared many chassis, engine, interior, and body components with the Falcon, however it was bigger and more luxurious.