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1978 Pontiac Trans Am

1978 was a record year in sales for the Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am, hitting a whopping 187,285 units sold between them. So what made this car so special that it pleasantly surprised many with its sale numbers? The 1978 model itself was largely unchanged from the previous year, but under the hood, the story was a little different. The horsepower increased for the 1978 model year. Previously, new regulations on fuel economy and emissions had made adding horsepower difficult for many car companies, but some were beginning to get the hang of incorporating more power, even with those regulations.

2012 Russo & Steele Monterey Auction

Russo & Steele: It has been a long winter for classic car fans, but spring has finally sprung and as the weather warms up and the foliage comes into bloom a lot of classic car events will blossom as well.

Early in the spring is the time to scour the calendar and decide which collector car auctions, cruises, and shows you will attend during the summer months. A lot of these events are very much in demand so you have to make plans early to be sure that you are well accommodated, and it is actually a lot of fun to make arrangements and count down the days until the big road trip.

Good News Out Of Detroit

Good News Out Of Detroit: detroit big threeWhen you evaluate the classic cars that we have come to know and love over the years it is impossible to imagine our country without American cars being produced. This is the prospect that we were faced with about three years ago when the automotive industry was in dire straits.

There was a lot of controversy about bailouts and we are not here to make any statements pro or con. But what we will say is that there was some fantastic news being reported across the Internet today regarding the state of American automotive manufacturing.

Hot Rod Trade Show Coming To Indy

Hot Rod: The great city of Indianapolis, Indiana was showcased recently when it was given the opportunity to play host to the Super Bowl. It was quite a game and the city got a chance to shine on the world stage.

Every NFL city would like to have a Super Bowl at some point in time but the game is generally awarded to teams that are located in cities that have weather that is mild during the beginning of February.

The exception to this is domed stadiums or stadiums with retractable roofs. So, Indianapolis was able to host the Super Bowl because of building a truly fantastic facility: Lucas Oil Stadium.