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The Buick GSX

Buick GSXWho says that a Buick has to be a car “your grandparent would drive”?  The 1970 Buick GSX is anything but that; in fact, it is said to be a direct competitor of the Pontiac GTO Judge. With its famous black stripe with outlining red pin stripes over the standard rear spoilers and its partially blackened hood with mounted tachometer and black front spoiler, who could possibly mistake this car for anything but what it is:  An All American Muscle Car.

A Major Shout-Out to Bowling Green, Kentucky

A Major Shout-Out to Bowling Green, Kentucky

1967 Chevrolet CorvetteIf you have ever driven on I-65 in Kentucky, you have probably noticed the reason that Bowling Green, Kentucky has become a popular tourist destination. The yellow building with the red spike on top is none other than the National Corvette Museum. As the third largest city in the state of Kentucky, Bowling Green offers many reasons for car lovers to stop for a visit.

1969 Buick Gran Sport

1969 Buick Gran Sport:

Many great classic cars and muscle cars begin as an option for an entirely different car before proving their worth in the auto industry. For some, it can take years to show just how popular the option could be as its own model, but for others, it becomes obvious very quickly that it should be much more than an option. The Buick Gran Sport is just one example of a car which originally began as an option, and in this case, the classic car Gran Sport was considered an optional package for the Buick Skylark when it was first introduced. The story of the Gran Sport began in 1965, and it would continue until 1975.