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Cars Built by Hand

Cars Built by Hand

'89 Ferrari TestarossaIn today’s world of high-tech manufacturing, we are often surprised to realize that there are still cars that are made by hand. It is a commonly known fact that Henry Ford perfected the assembly line and eventually all American car makers began to use the speedy manufacturing technique. Even though assembly lines have been used for over a century, many of the finest automobiles are not built on them. These are a few cars that are and were built by hand:

'61 Rolls Royce

Ford Model A

Model A: Shortly before the onset of the Great Depression and in the Depression’s early years, Ford Motor Company was changing tactics. The Model T was introduced in 1908, and for years, the car was unchanged and available in only black. As competitors in the auto market arose, Ford was faced with reality: to stay relevant, it would need to produce vehicles that were both attractive in appearance and performance. After a brief shutdown following a decline in sales as car-buyers began searching for options and color choices, Ford debuted the Model A.

The Henry Ford Museum

1934 FordThe Henry Ford Museum: People who are into classic cars understand the importance of the greater Detroit area, and of course the impact that Henry Ford had on the industry cannot be overstated.

With the above in mind, every true automotive enthusiast must visit the Henry Ford Museum at least once in his or her lifetime. And if you have a family, you really owe your children the opportunity to take in all of the history that is housed within this incredible facility.

A Look at the Ford Model T

Ford Model T: Henry Ford has gone down in history as one of the most influential industrialists the United States has ever known. Ford was born on July 30 of 1863 on a farm that was located right outside of Detroit, Michigan. Of course, Detroit went on to become the cradle of American auto making, and Henry Ford had a lot to do with that.

Among other things Ford is credited with taking the step that brought automobile ownership within reach of ordinary Americans. The first vehicle that he was able to offer to the auto buying public at an affordable price was the Ford Model T, which first came out in 1908.

Henry Ford Museum in Detroit

Henry Ford is without question one of the most iconic figures in American industrial history, and  during his time he was one of the wealthiest and most famous individuals on the planet. Prior to the mass production of the Ford Model T, which was introduced in October of 1908, automobile ownership was the exclusive domain of the wealthy because they were made individually by hand. Ford revolutionized the industry through the development of the assembly line technology that fueled production of the Model T, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Stanley Steam Car

In 1906, the fastest car in the world was a specially equipped Stanley Steam Car known as the “Rocket.” Race car driver Fred Marriott officially earned the Rocket its affectionate title at the Ormond tournament in Florida in 1906. The Marriott-manned Rocket won the Dewar trophy, and set multiple world speed records, one of which (one mile completed at 127.66 miles per hour) would last until 1910. Despite being surpassed by non-steam-powered cars within just a few years, the record would last nearly 100 years as the world speed record for a steam-powered vehicle.

The Life of Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born in Greenfield, Michigan in 1863 as the son of a farmer. He despised farm work, but was quite handy, and at 15 developed a reputation in his hometown for fixing watches. In 1879 he went to Detroit to apprentice as a machinist, but in 1882 he returned home to help out on the farm. During this period he worked extensively with steam engines, which led to a later job servicing steam engines for Westinghouse Company.