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Cars that Moved Brands

Cars That Moved Brands

'56 Nash RamblerSome car names are just too good to stay within one brand. While it is impossible to consider the Mustang ever belonging to a carmaker other than Ford or a Corvette not being a Chevy, there are a few car models that have switched to other makers. Most of the name switches did not take place overnight, but many involved the defunct AMC along with cars in the Mopar lineup. Here are some of the notable switches:

1952 Hudson Wasp

Some short-lived car models are the result of poor consumer demand, some are morphed into other styles, and still others suffer the demise of the very company that created them. During the early 1950s, Hudson Motor Company was beginning to struggle to compete with bigger auto companies like Ford and Chrysler. When the Hudson Wasp debuted in 1952, it was largely based on the Hudson Pacemaker. It came as a two or four-door sedan, convertible, or two-door hard top.