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1931 Chrysler Imperial CG

Smooth curvatures, graceful lines, and majestic colors define many of history’s most popular classic cars, and will likely contribute to the designs that will roll off the line for many years to come. During the Roaring 20s, Americans were enjoying the bliss and jubilation that followed the end to a traumatic war, World War I. For a time, it seemed as though extravagance was the new normal, and “new money” families were grappling to have the latest technology, the greatest cars, and more. The Chrysler Imperial was first introduced in 1926, and it certainly fit the bill as a great-looking car for stylish families across the country. By 1931, the market had crashed, and millions were struggling to make ends meet as Chrysler produced the 1931 Chysler Imperial CG.

Chrysler Imperial – Luxury Brand

Chrysler Imperial: For the most part, over the last few decades the classic “big boat” has kind of disappeared from the roadways.

But there was once a time when people would tool around the city and down the highways and byways in big, powerful, comfortable cars that admittedly didn’t go very far on a gallon of gas.

And, it was not uncommon for somebody in the neighborhood to pull down the armrest, lean to the right, and drive the boat with the left hand alone.

One car that would fit the description of the big boat of the classic era was the Imperial, a Chrysler brand.

The Chrysler Saratoga

The Saratoga nameplate for the Chrysler Corporation first appeared in 1939.  It applied to the most expensive full-size eight-cylinder vehicle, which put it above the Imperial and the New Yorker.  Full wheel covers came standard on the 1939 model and it cost $1,443.  The 1940 model was then assigned to the Series C26 eight-cylinder models, with the Traveler that had replaced the New Yorker and Imperial.  It only came in a four-door sedan model but offered a standard and sport formal interior; the latter included a glass partition that could be lowered.  This was also the year that Fluid Drive was offered for the first time with the three-speed transmission.

4 of the Most Famous Cars in Television

There were many great television series during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, but for those people who love American Muscle cars, certain shows stood out.  Here, we are going to take a look at 4 of the most famous cars from television series.

4.  1966 Chrysler Imperial – Green Hornet “Black Beauty” (1967)